New Association Member: University of Bremen joins bloxberg

We are delighted to welcome the University of Bremen as the newest member of the bloxberg association. Led by Professor Boris Nachtsheim, the university’s commitment to advancing decentralized and transparent scientific initiatives through a secure, permissioned blockchain infrastructure is noteworthy.
“Aligning with the bloxberg consortium reinforces the University of Bremen’s dedication to advancing decentralized and transparent scientific initiatives via a secure, permissioned blockchain infrastructure,” declares Nachtsheim. “We are enthused to leverage this global network, enhancing our capacities in innovative research and contemporary teaching infrastructure while supporting energy-efficient, cooperative scientific endeavors across the globe.”

The University of Bremen stands as a beacon of academic excellence with around 23,000 individuals engaged in learning, teaching, research, and collaborative efforts on its international campus. With well over 100 degree programs, the range of subjects offered by the university is broad.
As one of Europe’s leading research universities, the University of Bremen maintains close cooperation with universities and research institutes worldwide. The University of Bremen, together with nine young universities and four associated members from universities, non-governmental, and private sectors, will create one of the first European universities in the coming years. The EU Commission is funding the YUFE – Young Universities for the Future of Europe – network. Their shared goal is to contribute to the advancement of society. Additionally, the university is a pivotal member of the regional U Bremen Research Alliance, further underlining its commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation.

This exciting new partnership with the University of Bremen is set to drive innovation in the blockchain space, enriching the bloxberg association with fresh perspectives and expertise.

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