bloxberg Summit 2024

Join us at the seventh bloxberg Summit 2024, the premier annual conference for the bloxberg academic blockchain community. This year, we are excited to host the summit in Geneva where the United Nations and many other International Organisations like the WTO, the ICRC or the CERN are located. The bloxberg Summit 2024 will take place at the University of Geneva, Centre Universitaire d’Informatique (CUI) in Batelle, Carouge, on October 17th-18th.

First day, October 17th

General assembly of the bloxberg association. Open to all bloxberg association members.

Second day, October 18th

DESCI for Sustainability Conference. Open to All.
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About the Summit

The bloxberg Summit serves as a vital platform for fostering academic trust and showcasing a wide array of academic and practical applications of blockchain technology. This event is particularly significant for those engaged in:

  • Academic Research: Discover how blockchain is revolutionizing the DeSci world.
  • United Nations and NGO Collaborations: Learn about blockchain applications that are making a difference in the UN and NGO ecosystems in Geneva.
  • Startup Innovations: Explore how startups from Geneva are utilizing blockchain for various innovative solutions.
  • Regulatory and Data Protection: Participate in discussions on crucial regulatory issues including privacy and data protection.

*Please note that participation on Day 1 is restricted to bloxberg Association members only. Non-members are welcome to participate on Day 2, which is open to the public.


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