Join bloxberg at the webinar – NEB Digital Talk: How can we register ideas in the creative industries?

Intellectual Property (IP) is essential for maintaining author rights on innovative and creative ideas formulated by individuals or organizations. Well-managed intellectual property results in fair attribution and greater sharing of ideas in co-creation processes. Given the key role played by IP in creative and cultural environments, during this one-hour webinar, the 1st one of our NEB digital talk series, experts in intellectual property for the creative and cultural environment present trusted decentralized technologies for the registration of ideas and discuss AI-assisted technologies for scanning the ideas landscape.

Join the webinar and learn how broadening the scientific landscape of regionally and nationally governed blockchain networks is essential to ensure the creation and protection of creative and cultural environments. Get to know bloxberg – the Association for the Advancement of Science and Blockchain. is an EU-funded initiative that supports the NEB community by developing the NEB Digital Hub web platform, which consists of three main components:

  • Digital Toolkit: a catalog with over 200 digital solutions for the NEB ecosystem
  • Observatory: a collection of 500 EU-funded initiatives to raise awareness towards NEB programs and encourage collaborations
  • eLearning courses: a collaborative online set of courses and training materials aimed at stimulating knowledge and sharing best practice

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