Working Groups

bloxberg democratically shapes the bloxberg infrastructure with the active participation of the bloxberg members. Working Groups work out proposals, specifications, strategies, and packages for different topics.

Technical Working Group

The Technical Working Group works out the technical concepts regarding the bloxberg Core Services, the bloxberg consensus algorithm, and the bloxberg protocol.

Infrastructure Working Group

The mission of the Infrastructure Working Group is to foster collaboration within the association for matters regarding infrastructure topics. Topics related to the decentralized provision of the bloxberg Core Services and the maintenance of the bloxberg Testnet are discussed, elaborated, and implemented.

Marketing Working Group

The Marketing Working Group is in charge of the communication and marketing strategy of the bloxberg association. In a joint effort of multiple members, it manages the media output of the association, such as press releases, handouts, and social media presence.

Legal Entity Working Group

The Legal Entity Working Group drafts concepts of the organizational and legal structure of the bloxberg association.