Advisory Boards

The bloxberg Advisory Boards, established by the Senate, are pivotal in guiding and executing the association’s strategic initiatives. Open to all members, these boards collaborate closely with the Executive Board to ensure all actions align with bloxberg`s goals. Their main tasks include offering expert advice and assisting in developing the work program. This structured approach ensures informed decision-making and a solid strategic direction, drawing on expertise from both within and outside the association to keep bloxberg at the forefront of innovation.

The following boards and their chairpersons have already been established:

  • Marketing Advisory Board – Una Šokčević
  • Technical Advisory Board – Cédric Goby
  • Diploma Use Case Advisory Board – Jörn Erbguth
  • Data Certification and Verification Advisory Board – René Ranger
  • Token Financial Model Advisory Board – Friederike Kleinfercher
  • Alternative Financial Models Advisory Board – Tomaso Aste
  • Node Incentivisation Advisory Board – tba