bloxberg is now part of the NEB Digital Toolkit

Exciting news! bloxberg has officially become part of the NEB Digital Toolkit, which is a collection of best practice solutions for the New European Bauhaus (NEB) ecosystem. NEB is a European movement that aims to bring the European Green Deal principles into our living spaces through sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusivity.

The NEB Digital Toolkit provides a single access point connecting results from European research with all stakeholders involved in the New European Bauhaus. With the integration of bloxberg in the DigiNEB Toolkit, the secure scientific global blockchain is set to become an even more essential tool for Research and Academia while expanding its reach and potential applications.

With over 200 digital solutions available, it is a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the New European Bauhaus. If you’re interested in promoting sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusivity in our living spaces, be sure to check out the NEB Digital Toolkit and explore the many solutions available, including bloxberg.

Explore the NEB Digital Toolkit here.